Plaii Support

Last updated 16.04.2023

My password is incorrect, but I did copy/paste it?

Sometimes when copy and pasting a password, the application your are copying it from may add a space / blank field at the end. This will be recognised as a "not matchin" password by our system, and generate the error. Please try typing the password to make sure it is correct.

If that still doesnt work, please make sure you have cookies activated in your browser. We use cookies to keep you signed in for a longer period of time, and our application may not work properly if cookies is disabled by the browser.

The videoplayer is having issues, what to do?

First, please try to refresh the page. If your are using Windows, press CTRL+R, or if you are using a Mac, please press CMD+R to do so. If the problems continues, make sure you are on a stable internet connection and if using WiFi that you have good signal strength. Last resort is change of browser, we recommend and have testet our system in Safari, Firefox and Chrome.

Contact Us

If you encounter any problems beyond the above, please reach out to us with a detailed description of the problem so we can bugfix it as soon as possible. You may reach us on (do not use for urgent support cases).